Memoires of Durlston

03 April 2020

I am apart of a team of students that was until recently developing a sit-specific art trail, located in Durlston Country park. Obviously, given the current world pandemic this is no longer possible. We still want to celebrate the beauty of Durlston country park and have decided to create a website that will hopefully portray the ethos of our event. We are hoping to get the public to send in short stories, pictures, painting, videos – really anything that captures and expresses their memories of Durlston. We were hoping that maybe your community group would be interested in getting involved with the project.  

We feel even though our original vision for the project is no longer possible the core values of understanding, respecting and celebrating the natural world are more important than ever. Please let me know if you’d be willing to support or get involved with the project in any capacity. 

I have placed the call out below and attached a visual copy too 


Durlston Country Park is a beautifully diverse and culturally rich site where we had hoped to create A Dorset Wanderland – a site specific art trail encouraging engagement with the natural world. This enables participants to develop a greater sense of respect and appreciation for the heritage, ecology and all-encompassing beauty of Durlston Country Park. In these unusual times the ethos of our project seems more important than ever! 

As we are no longer able to create a physical event, we want to invite you to share your memories of Durlston. This could be a short story, poem, video or drawing – get creative with it! We are hoping your stories and memories can help communicate to the rest of the world the importance of this site, celebrating it as well as the world’s natural gorgeousness in these uncertain times.

Written entries should be 400 words maximum, but don’t feel that you need to write anything as a drawing, collage, painting or visual representation of Dorset could be just as impactful.  

Please email all submission to


Deadline is for submissions is 13th April


Thank you for your time, 

We hope you're all safe and healthy during these times, 

The Dorset Wanderland team 



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